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Sire eHealthcare Pvt Ltd is a Futuristic and health care technology company providing a suite of products and services to various stake holders in the health care ecosystem – care seekers, network hospitals and care givers; through applications and platforms being built, using internet and mobile technologies.

The solution architecture envisages bringing together the tools of Telemedicine, Tele- radiology and in 24/7 help desk; along with a strong disease based information and Management system that would initially focus on neurological diseases. The system facilitates the easy management of electronic health records in multiple formats including text, JPG, assorted and image files; which can be uploaded, stored and retrieved by the users through a secured gateway anytime and anywhere with zero foot print as per HIPAA standards. The care seekers can select and connect with the care givers of choice from among the empaneled specialist doctors, Hospitals & Insurance Providers. This holistic solution focuses on a comprehensive disease management system rather than simply connecting the dots or bridging the gaps.

The portal also brings Patients, Primary Physicians, Researchers, Teaching institutes and Hospitals on a Single Platform ensuring that the latest approved Clinical Practices are continuously improved upon based on the feedback from the patients and Primary Physicians.

NeuroDAC is helping hundreds of people get better neuro-care.

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