Complete Neurological Disease Management

Our web based solution ensures better engagement with your patients, enables convenient, quick and yet secure and round the clock access to your patient data, engages you with eco system, allows you to host your communication to the world - webinars, chats enhancing visibility.

Schedule your appointment, record your Rx, prepare your billing modules All this and more even when you are on the move - thanks to our mobile app.

Online Clinic

Customized web page of your Clinic in no time. All you need is to provide 3 Images of clinic (which can be displayed on the top of the webpage), address of Clinic, list of doctors at your Clinic (with basic information and digital signatures) and list of Services offered at clinic. Once you share this information, NeuroDAC team will configure the same and your website is ready for use by Doctors at Clinic, Patients of the Clinic and staff of the Clinic.

Using NeuroDAC as product you can manage Patient enrollment, appointments(walk-in and advance appointments with online payment), documents upload, images upload(DICOM and Non-DICOM), lab reports update, Case sheets, Prescriptions, follow-up for appointment, billing and reports.

  • Key features:

    Branding of Clinic across the globe.

    All documents with Clinic logo and address.

    NeuroDAC Outreach center as your extended front desk.

    Interactive facilities like Consultation Calendar and Workflows.

    Reports designed as per the Doctor’s requirement.

    Outreach through interactive Videos and Webinars.

    Data Analytics for research.

Case Seekers/Patients Management

All the Patients of your Clinic can be viewed and managed with single click from your mobile/web. All member records are stored securely and have access only by doctor with 3 level security layers.

  • Key features:

    Patient demographics can be retrieved using Clinical ID or Name(part of the name) or phone number

    Neuro eHealth Records of the selected member including their future appointments can be viewed

    Online review can be done at your convenience.

    Review & Medication on mobile which can be accessed by patients anywhere, anytime.

Appointments Management

Appointment Scheduler can be configured for each doctor based on consultation timings. System will provide option to configure different sessions for each day, block a session permanently(Ex no OP on Saturday evening), Configure holidays of doctor, Reschedule all appointments of any day with one click, Block an appointment for specific reason etc.

  • Key features:

    Appointment scheduler can be managed even from Mobile with added security layer.

    Doctor have access to appointments status at anytime from anywhere for better planning.

    Manage your visits to Other clinics through our Outreach center.

Collaborative Platform

NeuroDAC is providing option to share the Neuro eHealth Records of any patient with any doctor(with patient consent) and interact online through video conference to take a collaborative decision in Prognosis / Diagnosis / Pre Operative Decision and Past Operative Care.

The Collaborative platform involves experts from various speciality viz. Radiology, Psychiatry, Behavioural Therapy & Alternative Therapy.

  • Key features:

    Interactive discussion over the Vedio call with any number of experts is possible.

    All experts on the call can view Neuro eHealth Records including DICOM files over web.

    Facility to store and review therapist advice anytime for any course correction.


A webinar is a virtual lecture, training or interactive session for cases presented live on our website. The session will be conducted by specialist doctors/therapists in the field of Neurology and other related subjects, to educate eco system members about all possible preventive steps and lifestyle changes, required for optimal disease management protocols and treatment.

Webinars is best way to improve the outreach and branding. NeuroDAC facilitates Doctors to conduct/organise a webinars. These sessions will also help physicians meet their continuous medical education needs for professional development.

These sessions will also help members overcome any psychological problems faced by them during the treatment. Members would be able to interact with specialists in various fields of medicine, behaviour & psychology, nutrition, physiotherapy and alternate therapies, to understand current clinical practices and latest developments in the field of neurology.

  • Key features:

    Addressing the virtual gathering for knowledge sharing.

    Recorded webinars always available on YouTube.

    Best way to improve the outreach and branding.

Be Mobile

NeuroDAC provides Mobile app to the doctors to access Clinic data, Clinical financials, Patient information from anywhere anytime. Upload your mobile app right away to efficiently manage all your activities at your convenience, from any location. It is easy, secured and hassle free option that every doctor needs.

  • Key features:

    Manage your Clinic

    View all Neuro eHealth Records

    Virtual Consultation over Mobile

    Participate in discussions

    Chat with any eco system member - Live