EHR Protection

EHR Protection:

Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability

The HIPAA privacy and security requirements, along with other international Information security standards, complement each other. These standards ensure that the health information of the individuals is kept confidential.

Information security focuses on confidentiality, integrity and availability of Information.


We permit only certain individuals authorized by our members to access information with the understanding that they will disclose it only to other authorized individuals as permitted by law. The access controls are strictly implemented. This is how the privacy of information is protected. We always ensure that individual’s right to control his or her protected health information is taken care.


Our Integrity policy assures that the data is accurate and has not been changed. This is an important aspect of the electronic environment because data exchange between systems is becoming common in the health care industry. The change permissions are highly restricted to ensure that the right information is maintained and retained in the system.

Availability :

The information should also be made available to the authorized and authenticated users in a secured manner. We believe without this, the basic purpose of information is defeated. We provide multi-level redundancies in the systems architecture and infrastructure to ensure that the information always remains available and there is no loss of data.